The botani-co Palo Santo bundle comes with 2 Palo Santo sticks with crystal and seasonal flowers. 
All Palo Santo is ethically and sustainably sourced from Ecuador. 
Each piece of crystal is natural and bundle is handmade. Size, shape and colour may slightly vary. 
Polo Santo meaning 'Holy Wood 'in Spanish, this beautiful wood is used for its energetic cleansing and healing properties. 
It can be used to enhance meditation as well as allow a deeper connection. 
How to use 
By lighting the tip and blowing out the flame to cleanse room wave the stick gently in clockwise motions around doorways and windows best said with a little smudge prayer or chant. 
Once done place on any heat proof surface or bowl. Also can be also used as gorgeous home decor on a bedside table or entryway. 

BOTANICO - Palo Santo Flower and Crystal Bundle

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